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The Co-founders is a design project co-founded in 2018 by Jiayan He, Shangning Wang, and a team of global designers.

Our mission is to establish a global creative platform for designers and artists from all corners of the world. We aim to ignite inspiration among designers and artists, encouraging them to channel their creative prowess towards tackling the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. By harnessing the power of creativity, we aspire to propagate positive energy and contribute to creating a better world for all through our collective creative influence.

Our slogan is: Transforming Meaning into Art.


Marketing Director

Jiayan He is a highly accomplished graphic design expert with over 15 years of experience specializing in editorial design, data visualization, and branding. Currently serving as a graphic design consultant with UNICEF (New York Headquarter), she has contributed her expertise to the development of visual materials, publications, and branding strategies for numerous prominent projects and products under the UNICEF umbrella. Her impressive portfolio showcases a range of thought-provoking works exhibited worldwide, shedding light on pressing global issues such as climate change, migration, social protection, and the health and well-being of children.


Jiayan He's passion for editorial design was evident even prior to her graduation from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in China. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with leading publishing houses in China, producing a series of award-winning books. Her projects often delve into the rich art and cultural heritage of ancient and contemporary China, facilitating intercultural dialogue and offering fresh perspectives that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.


Jiayan's exceptional talent has gained recognition from prominent platforms such as Behance, DesignPower 100, Envatotuts+, and various other distinguished art and design media outlets. Notably, her work was selected as the splash screen for Adobe InDesign 2020, as featured by Adobe InDesign in 2019. Recognizing her expertise and reputation in the field, Jiayan has been invited to serve on the jury panels for numerous international design competitions, including the C2A (Creative Communication Award), Vega student awards, Muse Creative Award, among others. In 2018, she co-founded "Poster For___.," an internationally renowned poster design contest that continues to flourish under her guidance.


Art Director, Chief Editor

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Shangning Wang is a graphic designer, illustrator, and versatile creative based in New York and Dalian. His expertise spans various domains, including commercial art, typography, illustration, branding, and poster art.


Shangning Wang's contributions extend beyond his creative pursuits, as he also serves as a respected member of numerous design contest juries. Notably, he has been involved in esteemed competitions such as Adobe Government Creativity Awards, C2A (Creative Communication Awards), Indigo Design Awards, Poster Stellars, Poster Hero 6th, Vega Digital Awards 2016-2022, Muse Creative Awards 2016-2022, COW International Design Festival: COW: ILLUSTRATION 2016, International Reggae Poster Contest 2016-2018, GlobalTrend Awards 2017-2022, 2nd International Poster Competition by Graphic Stories Cyprus, The Rookies International Design Awards, among others.


Throughout his career, Shangning Wang has received many global awards for his exceptional work. His designs have been exhibited in numerous cities worldwide and have garnered attention in prestigious design publications and over thirty graphic design blogs. Adobe InDesign 2020 featured his work as the Splash Screen, further acknowledging his talent and influence.


With an unwavering belief in the power of good design, Shangning Wang envisions its ability to positively impact the world through passion, dreams, and love.

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